My Story

I was born in Wisconsin but have lived in Florida for many years. From an early age, I knew I would ultimately be deeply involved in some form of art or design. I earned an art degree at the University of Miami, then served in the Army, where I learned silkscreen techniques and produced illustrated training aids. Early on, I gravitated toward dimensional media and so I spent 40+ years designing exhibits and displays, after teaching myself drafting and detailing techniques and acquiring technical writing as well as some business skills along the way.. All this time, I continued to develop my painting and drawing techniques; eventually adding digital imaging. I have worked in a variety of traditional media including pen and ink with watercolor, ceramics, enamel on copper, silk screen, wood and linoleum cuts. I do paint in oils but prefer acrylics.

In recent years, I've focused more on fine and applied art and less on my design consulting business although I continue to offer design services to my valued and loyal clients.

I have always enjoyed making line drawings, but I also like to work with color, often in a posterized style. My focus is on nature-- organic and botanical forms, landscapes, birds and animals, still lifes; but recently I've begun a series of portraits of notable people, some commissioned for publications. So--all in all--some variations in technique and subject matter; all driven by broad interests, a need to simplify and restate the essence of things and an underlying concern for good composition.

Most of my original paintings and drawings are privately held but I enjoy fulfilling commissions for new work in traditional and digital media and I also offer art prints of many images. Sometimes, it's difficult to distinguish fine art from illustrations, so I am comfortable using both terms.. I've waited 'til the end to mention the heraldic art I do for clients all over the world, This evolved from my love of history, especially the medieval period. Here again, I rely on a good base drawing then build on that to a clean and solid result, often in a “hybrid” style combining traditional line art with digital color application.

Please click on the contact page to inquire about commissions or to purchase prints, where available.


About Alembic...

Years ago, I registered my design firm under the name Alembic Enterprises and obtained that domain name, as well. Originally, I created “the big A” for Alembic Designs, later applying it to Alembic Arts and Alembic Heraldry, too. Today, there are lots of websites with variations of the word “alembic” but my logos remain proprietary copyrighted images that exclusively identify my art and design services.


Alembic: from the Arabic via Old French; meaning “to distill to the essence”